Banana Bread 2.0 / by Yeesum Lo

Dark Chocolate & Shredded Banana Coconut Bread

Dark Chocolate & Shredded Banana Coconut Bread

Adapted from this recipe from

A butter-less banana bread recipe, it is ideal for situations when - chocolate is a preferred add-on, coconut makes you feel like it could be a health food, and most importantly, when you only have one large, or two small ripe bananas. I simply never find myself in a situation where I have three large ripe bananas (most banana bread recipes), without having to beg, borrow, or steal one. 

The largest change I made to the above recipe was to substitute half of the one cup milk called for in the recipe with two tablespoons of greek yoghurt. I also tweaked the add-ons to shredded coconut and dark chocolate. 

It turned out beautifully and had a more bouncy texture than a cakey one, which I strongly prefer.